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President's Welcome

Sue-Kyong (“Sue”) Shin Vittas , KOWIN DC President (2015-17)

As the new KOWIN DC President since June 15, 2015, I welcome you to our website that explains our mission, activities, and aspirations, which are focused on enhancing the status and the work of women of Korean descent and on collaborating with each other toward that goal. All of us are keen on becoming better people for our own good and for that of society.

We are a very open organization with members coming from a wide range of occupations. Any professional woman of Korean descent interested in what we are doing and willing to contribute her own experience to our efforts may apply to become a regular member.

We welcome all constructive comments, corrections and suggestions, as well as words of encouragement and support. For any matter concerning KOWIN DC, please contact our Fellow, Yerin Lee via email at yerin.lee327@gmail.com

Thank you!

>>President's Official Inaugural Address

2016-17 KOWIN DC Committee Members

Planned Events for 2017

▶ January 10, 2017: Publication of KOWIN DC Newsletter

▶ February 24, 2017: First Regular Quarterly Meeting and Winter Networking Retreat (Lake Anna,VA)

▶ May 11-13, 2017: KOWINNER Convention (Sakhalin, Russia)

▶ June 9-11, 2017: The 9th KOWIN US Eastern Regional Leadership Conference
(Metropolitan Club, Chicago, IL)

▶ June 25, 2017: Second Quarterly Meeting (President's Residence, Washington, DC)

▶ July 7, 2017: Publication of KOWIN DC Newsletter

▶ August 29 - September 1, 2017: The 17th Annual KOWIN International Convention
(Gunsan, Korea)

1. Coverage by Korea Daily (Dec.7.2016)
2. Coverage by Korea Daily (Nov.14.2016)


KOWIN (Korean Women’s International Network) was established in 2001 with the launch of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family in Korea.  KOWIN’s mission is to promote networking among Korean female leaders around the world, to support their advancement in the global community, and to nurture international and professional expertise in the next generation of Korean women.  Its major activities include efforts to: Establish a global Korean women’s network to promote women’s rights and mutually shared interests in society and politics; develop and utilize female human resources through leadership seminars; and expand women's participation and leadership positions in local and national politics and society.  There are over 130 KOWIN Chapters throughout the world, and over 2,000 women leaders have participated in KOWIN activities.

The KOWIN DC Chapter was established in 2001 as a branch of the KOWIN Eastern Regional District, comprised of five Chapters (Washington DC, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and Dallas). KOWIN DC currently has over 50 members who have established exemplary careers in diverse professions.  They include doctors, lawyers, educators, artists, business owners, bankers, government officials, representatives in international organizations, journalists, etc.  KOWIN DC has been: Promoting women’s comprehensive health (mental, physical, and cultural); providing mentoring opportunities for local Korean-American women; participating actively in annual international KOWIN conventions; providing support for the victims of natural disasters and sexual exploitation and abuse; providing support for the children’s well-being through global children foundations; and providing fellowship programs for young Korean-American women.  KOWIN DC's most prominent activities include the leadership and mentoring seminar for young Korean-American women every year.  Many successful Korean-American leaders from the Washington Metropolitan Area participate in the seminar as speakers, mentors, and moderators.  KOWIN DC is also actively working on collaborative activities with other Korean-American women’s organizations.

Upcoming Events

▶ September 22, 2017: Third Quarterly Meeting (Woo Lae Oak, Virginia)

▶ October 28, 2017: The 8th KOWIN DC Leadership Seminar (Washington DC)
▶ December 9, 2017: KOWIN's 2017 Holiday Gala (Avenel Country Club in Potomac)

Event Gallery

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Payments / Donations
Please make out your check payable to "KOWIN DC" and mail it to our Treasurer:

Ms. Junghee Lee
17833 Fairlady Way
Germantown, MD 20874